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Dolphinite Gelcoat Bottle

Proudly formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A., all of Dolphinite’s gelcoats contain top-grade ISO polyester resins, pigments, and UV protectors to achieve optimum, colorfast results for a durable, lustrous finish.


Offered in white, neutral, and clear, Dolphinite’s all-in-one gelcoat is a complete formula that makes it easy to repair your fiberglass boat in one step.

Less Labor Intensive

The all-in-one formula condenses the usual multi-stage gelcoat process into one simple step. You don’t need to mix chemicals and compounds or wait between coats.

Superior Results

Only the highest quality ingredients are used to manufacture Dolphinite’s integrated gelcoat formula. We’ve eliminated the guesswork and made it easy to apply a long-lasting, professional finish.

Gelcoat in a Spray Can

Winner of the IBEX Innovation Award, Dolphinite’s pioneering spray can makes our all-in-one gelcoat even more convenient.

Easy to Use

With a simple shake of our unique spray can, Dolphinite gelcoat is ready to apply. The adjustable nozzle lets you choose a broad spray to cover large areas quickly, or a narrow spray to finely control application. No special equipment is required.

Soaps, Compounds & Waxes

Dolphinite Restorer Compound Bottle

Clean your boat and restore the finish to its original showroom luster.


Wash and wax your boat in one easy step with Dolphinite’s Boat Soap with GelGuard™ Wax Shield. Our ultra-high foaming, free rinsing, and non-streaking formula removes black streaks in seconds, includes UV protection, and helps prevent dirt and grime build-up. Dolphinite Boat Soap also protects metal from pitting, discoloration, and staining.

Restorer Compounds

Repair even old, heavily oxidized boats in minutes leaving no swirl marks with Dolphinite Fast Cut Liquid Compound with GelGuard™ Gelcoat Restorer. Removes heavy oxidation, chalking, rust, soot, and exhaust stains on gelcoat while creating an extremely durable finish with a super gloss shine that lasts up to two seasons. Specifically designed for use with 1800-2500 rpm rotary buffing machines, Dolphinite Fast Cut Liquid Restorer Compound can also be applied by hand.


Protect your boat with Dolphinite Cleaner Wax and T-Wax Sealant, both with GelGuard™ Gelcoat Restorer. Our unique blends of resin-based polymers create extremely durable finishes with a super gloss shine that lasts up to two seasons. GelGuard™ penetrates the pores of the gelcoat, providing triple protection against environmental hazards.

Cleaner Wax is used on all gelcoat and polyurethane paints, including clear coats, to remove oxidation, dullness, and swirls.

T-Wax Sealant is a one-step product that can be applied even in extreme hot or cold weather. Easy on, easy off application saves time and aggravation. Use T-Wax Sealant on fiberglass, clear coats, automotive and airplane paints, and chrome. It guards against chalking and fading from UV light, as well as damage from acid rain, soot, coal dust, and airplane exhaust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Dolphinite gelcoat?

We currently sell direct, so simply call us at 1-844-365-1446 or email us at info@dolphinite.com to place an order.

My boat is fairly new; can you send me the factory original gelcoat color?

We certainly can! Our database covers boats from dozens of manufacturers.

Do you offer in-person training on how to use your products?

Yes! Call us at 1-844-365-1446 or email us at info@dolphinite.com for a schedule of training events in your area, or to set up a custom event at your facility.

I have a lot of boats to work on; can you fill large orders?

Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities can accommodate extremely large volumes, including fleet-sized orders. Call us at 1-844-365-1446 or email us at info@dolphinite.com for pricing and delivery details.

Providing Unique Products for the Marine Industry

The strength and quality of Dolphinite products are tested on real, everyday repairs and maintenance. We also test them against competitors’ products. Our manufacturing techniques and hands-on quality assurance program enable us to create an unparalleled gelcoat product.
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